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December 30, 2011

Kim Nana & Lee Yoon Sung - Ending Continuation Fanfic - Chapter 15

“Umma…” Yoon Sung walked to the living room of his gigantic house.

“Yoon Sung-ah?” His mother looked up from the TV.

“Our lawyer just told me the lawsuit is dropped…”

“Omo [Oh my gosh]… really?” Ahjumma stood up to face his son.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing but I don’t understand why it got dropped so easily… the complaint was dropped with the other side’s lawyer saying that it was just a misunderstanding. They had actually gotten sick from home cooked foods.”

“So what do we do now…?”

“Well… there’s nothing more we can do here. We can just stay here for maybe three or four more days and go back.” Yoon Sung said. “But this situation is just odd…”

“Regardless, the complaint is not dropped, so you can relax, son.” Ahjuma flashed her familiar warm smile at him.

“I guess so…” Yoon Sung was starting to suspect this might have all been a trap. Was something set up for him here in the US? Is someone just trying to get him to return?
Walking back into his room, he thought in confusion. This was all too weird to be a coincidence. Someone was behind this and someone wanted him to return to America. Who? The Thai men? Have they already found out he hid in Seoul? But wouldn’t it be much easier for the men to just go to Seoul and take care of him? Why New York? Was he over-thinking?

He didn’t want to think anymore. He was so tired of thinking— thinking about City Hunter and his past life. He didn’t want to care anymore. All he wanted to do was start over. That was genuinely what he wanted. Nothing else but to just erase his past and everything dealing with Father. Those memories haunted him even when he wanted to let go.

Grabbing his iPad, he took advantage of the use of Facetime and called Nana. He wanted to see her face. It had only been 2 days but seeing her face would soothe him.

As Nana picked up the phone and activated her camera, she waved at Yoon Sung. “Yoon Sung!” Her smile plastered across his screen.

“Did Eun Jung cook you anything to eat?”

Nana laughed. “Why would Eun Jung cook me something? She is the world’s most horrible cook. I can cook much better than she can! I actually cooked for her.”

“Yah! What is that Kang Eun Jung doing? I told her to take care of you…”

“Having her ‘take care of me’ is just as bad as having Blackie [Nana’s dog] take care of me… Don’t worry; I’m fine on my own. You worry too much… like an old lady…” She joked.

“An old lady? You obviously don’t know who you’re insulting… I’m Lee Yoon Sung, possibly the most attractive man in the Seoul.”

“You wish you were.” Nana laughed, even though deep inside, she knew how attractive Yoon Sung was, and could not disagree. “Anyway… today, I went to Sae Hee unni’s place and got Blackie back!” She moved her iPhone towards the dog and showed Yoon Sung Blackie sleeping on the floor.

“That dog is useless… why did you want him back? He poops everywhere and doesn’t bark at dangerous strangers.”

“Aigoo [An expression similar to sighing]… you’re just no fun...” Nana sighed.

“Anyway… so I’m coming back sooner than planned.” Yoon Sung broke the news to Nana.

“Really? Why?”

“I’m coming back in 2 or 3 days… because the complaint was dropped.”

“Dropped? How come?” She showed concern in her voice. “I mean it’s a good thing but that’s just strange… that it got dropped so fast…”

“That’s what I think too. I find it really odd… I’m not sure if someone’s actually behind this and setting it up as a trap for me to return to the US…”

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two as Nana’s expression turned from lighthearted to worried.

“Please come back to Seoul…” She said, breaking the silence.

“I’ll figure something out; don’t be too worried yet…” Yoon Sung responded.

“I’m sick of thinking about how much danger you’ll be in, Yoon Sung. I’m done with all that. I just want to know that everyday you’ll be safe. But I can’t. I don’t have the blessing to know that the man I love, the father to my unborn child, is actually safe at any given time. Even when I dream, I have almost stopped dreaming about my parent’s car accident. Instead, my nightmare is now the scene of you getting shot by your father because you dodged a bullet for the president. That same scene replays in my nightmares. I’m sick of it. I don’t want to worry about your safety even when I’m sleeping. I just want you to be here, to start over, and to… take care of me and the baby…”

“You think I don’t want to? I want to start over too!” Yoon Sung said. “I don’t want to talk about this through the phone. We’ll talk about this later.”

 “I hope you took my words seriously. I mean it, Yoon Sung. I’m sick of it.” Nana sighed.

“We’ll talk about this when we get back. But in the meantime, can you help me with something?”

Although Nana was still in a slightly angry state, she didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to be able to help Yoon Sung. “What is it?”

“Can you go visit your Aunt who works in the Prosecution office?”

“Why…?” Nana asked.

“I just want to see what they’re up to and you’re the only person that has an excuse to visit.” Yoon Sung said. “I feel like they might be behind this because a suspicious couple was following me the day I arrived. They were of Korean descent and boarded the plane with me. The only other place I could associate with about the concern of my identity is the prosecution department.”

Nana smiled and answered, “Of course; as long as you would like my help.”

“Imo [Aunt]!” Nana surprised her Aunt (Kim Mi Ok) by walking into her office.

“Omo… how’d you get in?” Her aunt stood up in shock.

“Jang Pil Jae ssi let me in.” Nana knew how easily tricked and gullible Jang Pil Jae was.

“Oh…” Her aunt spoke. “So what are you here for?”

“I just wanted to visit you since I haven’t been talking to you for a while.” Nana walked over to her desk. “So how’s work?”

Kim Mi Ok quickly closed up some of the files on his table since they were related to Lee Yoon Sung and smiled. “Oh just the usual…”

“Any interesting investigations?”

Kim Mi Ok laughed nervously. “No… it’s been quite boring here actually… since the prosecutor’s death…”

There was an awkward silence between the two as Nana could see her aunt glance down at Nana’s stomach. Nana placed her hand on her stomach and laughed. “Imo… why are you looking at my stomach?” Did Imo know about my pregnancy already? How could she possibly know?

“I was just noticing how skinny you are…” Her aunt laughed. “Have you been eating well?”
“I’m Kim Nana, if I don’t eat well, I would die!” Nana joked.

Nana looked around the office and innocently picked up one of her Aunt’s folders. “Oooh, what cases are you guys working on?” Nana was about to open it but her aunt immediately snatched it away from her. 

“It’s better that you don’t look at it…” Kim Mi Ok laughed nervously. “Why don’t you take a seat over there?”

Nana nodded and walked over to the chair next to a circular table. Nana sat there in silence and glanced around in boredom. “Is there a bathroom I can use?”

Kim Mi Ok looked at Nana and laughed. “Of course! Walk down the hall and turn left.”

“Alright.” Nana got up and headed towards the bathroom.

Eun Jung had finally made up her mind. She didn’t need to quit her job. And she didn’t have to betray her family. She just needed a break and she needed to tell Prosecutor Jang that.

Walking towards the prosecution office, she took a deep breath and pushed open the front door.

Her heels clicked against the floor when she carelessly ran into Jang Pil Jae. “I’m sorry, Pil Jae!”

“It’s okay.” He shrugged and looked up, realizing this was Eun Jung. “Omo… hide!”

“Wait, why? Why do I need to hide?! I’m so confused…” She asked as Jang Pil Jae ushered her outside.

“KIM NANA IS HERE.” He whispered in panic.

Eun Jung widened her eyes in shock and immediately made her way outside. How would I explain myself if Nana saw me here?

Eun Jung finally made it out the front door but it was too late. She turned around and found Nana standing behind her.

“Nana... what are you doing here?” Eun Jung asked nervously.

“Omo… Eun Jung-ah! What are you doing here?” Nana asked Eun Jung in shock.

Eun Jung looked around and laughed nervously. She quickly thought of a lie and used it to cover up. “Do you know Jang Pil Jae ssi?”

“Jang Pil Jae ssi? He works here.” Nana answered.

“Yeah! I met him… at a club the other night. He gave me his number and told me to come here.”

Jang Pil Jae immediately turned around after he had heard Eun Jung’s embarrassing lie. “What—”

“Oh! Pil Jae ssi! Remember? You told me to wait outside your office around lunch time!” Eun Jung went up next to Jang Pil Jae and linked her arm with him.

Nana stood awkwardly in a confused state as she tried to get things straight. “So you know Jang Pil Jae?”

“I mean, he bought me a drink and we talked and instantly clicked!” Eun Jung continued to lie.

“Oh.” Nana was a bit unsure. Is Eun Jung telling the truth? But why would she lie anyway? Making up her mind, Nana decided to let it go for now. There was no reason for her to lie anyway… was there? “That’s cute…”

“I know right?” Eun Jung smiled. “But how do you know Pil Jae ssi?” Of course Eun Jung knew that Nana had met Jang Pil Jae before. But she had to act like she didn’t.

As Nana explained to Eun Jung about how she used to know Prosecutor Kim Young Joo and came to visit Aunt Mi Ok. Eun Jung pretended to have not already known all the information.

“I’m gonna go now, sorry to disturb you and Jang Pil Jae ssi…” Nana apologized.

“It’s okay! I didn’t know you knew him as well.”

“I’m gonna go home now, Eun Jung. Are you coming home for dinner tonight?”

“Yes. We can eat together. Just the two of us.” Eun Jung smiled.

“Okay. Sounds like a plan.” Nana started to walk off. “See you later!”

Hey everyone! Again, I'm so sorry for the delay. I had an awesome trip and came back a couple of days before. But I haven't had time to complete this chapter. So sorry!

As much as I would like to write these chapters really fast and get them out super fast, that's not possible. I have a (busy) life outside of writing chapters of this fanfiction as well. Keep that in mind please.

I hope you guys all had a very merry Christmas :)
Happy New Year, guys! And please comment (thanks for all the comments on the last chapter)~

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